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Reasons to See an Orthodontist Wayland

Set Your Smile Up for a Lifetime of Good Health

Woman smiling outdoors after seeing orthodontist in Wayland

At Simply Orthodontics Wayland, our orthodontists are specially trained in the art and science of straightening teeth and addressing bite problems. Whether you’re dealing with overcrowding, misalignment, gaps between teeth, or secondary conditions related to malocclusion, we offer a wide range of treatments that can help you. We’ll work closely to create a personalized treatment plan that allows you to enjoy lasting results without compromising your quality of life throughout your journey.

Whether you’re an adult who never had the opportunity to get braces when you were a teen or you have a teenager or young child who could greatly benefit from seeing an orthodontist in Wayland, we welcome you! We look forward to helping you navigate your orthodontic concerns no matter how minor or complex they may be and invite you to take the first step towards a straighter smile by scheduling a consultation with us!


Illustrated row of overcrowded teeth

Overcrowding can impact both the aesthetic beauty of your smile as well as your oral health. Overlapping teeth can easily trap food debris, plaque, and bacteria, putting you at a greater risk of developing common issues like cavities and gum disease. Plus, because the teeth aren’t aligned and easy to access, this can make effective brushing and flossing more difficult. Orthodontic treatment can help gently shift your teeth to be side-by-side, reducing bacteria accumulation within the mouth and helping you avoid the need for more costly treatments down the road.

Gapped Teeth

Child smiling with gapped teeth next to child smiling with braces

Gaps between teeth can be more of an aesthetic concern, but these spaces also create areas for plaque and debris to hide in. Some people with diastemas (gaps between their two front teeth) and misspacing also experience self-consciousness, because they’re concerned those are the traits that others are focusing on when they smile. In any case, closing these gaps can provide you with a dental health boost as well as a little extra confidence.


Close up of person with overbite wearing braces

Overbite is when the upper arch of teeth overextends past the bottom row. While a balanced bite requires some level of overextension in this way, when it’s excessive, it can lead to a variety of dental concerns. Not only can bite imbalance cause the enamel to wear down more quickly, but it can also lead to secondary concerns like TMJ disorder. Orthodontic treatment can bring your two rows of teeth into harmonious alignment, relieving added tension on your jaw joints and helping to preserve your smile.


Illustrated close up of mouth with underbite

An underbite is when the lower teeth extend further out than the upper teeth. Just like overbites, underbites can lead to faster enamel deterioration as well as jaw problems, like clicking and popping and lockjaw. Our orthodontists in Wayland can customize a treatment to address your needs and shift your lower jaw backwards, aligning it with your upper row of teeth. The result is a smile that closes comfortably and comes together effortlessly.


Illustrated mouth with crossbite

Crossbite occurs when the upper teeth sit behind the bottom teeth, causing various areas of your mouth to overlap. Not only can this lead to intense jaw discomfort, but it can also wear down the protective dental enamel and put you at a higher risk of developing cavities. Braces will help bring your smile back into alignment by guiding your teeth into their proper, pain-free positions by eliminating any overlap and restoring the full function of your grin.

Open Bite

Close up of person with open bite wearing braces on upper teeth

Open bite is when the back teeth touch, yet the front teeth don’t, making it difficult to open and close your mouth. A common cause of this type of malocclusion is thumb or pacifier-sucking past the age of three. The pressure the suction creates causes the teeth and bite to develop misaligned, leading to jaw pain and enamel wear as an adult if not addressed. A customized orthodontic treatment can bring the front teeth closer together and remove the added pressure from the molars.

Impacted Canines

Illustrated mouth with impacted canine teeth

The canines are the four pointed teeth located on either side of the incisors. Occasionally, these can become impacted, typically as a result of permanent teeth not erupting as they’re supposed to. We can help balance the canines with the surrounding teeth to create a more balanced and even smile.